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Emerald Scanner

Planmeca Emerald Intraoral Scanner is a compact, ultra-lightweight, next-gen digital intraoral scanner ideal for quadrant or full-arch scanning, advanced dentistry or complex cases. This scanner offers unparalleled patient comfort while quickly delivering superior accuracy through advanced optics and enhanced algorithms. Single-handed, two-button operation allows the user to toggle between scan sets, activate filters and manipulate software directly from the scanner. Autoclavable heated, anti-fog scanning tips encourage continuous scanning.

Open STL files let you export images from Planmeca Emerald to an in-office milling unit, 3D printer or your local lab partner for fabrication of your restorations or dental appliances. Built on an open architecture system, Planmeca Emerald can be fully integrated with your current dental equipment or software for hassle-free data communication and networking.


  • Ultra-lightweight for unparalleled comfort (9.1 ounces)
  • Superior accuracy
  • Single-handed two-button operation scanner controls
  • Autoclavable, heated scanning tips
  • Quadrant or full-arch scanning
  • No click, send or subscription fees
  • USB-3 portable plug-and-play connectivity
  • 5-year Total Care Warranty 
  • Open STL files for easy collaboration

PlanMill 40s

The Planmeca PlanMill 40 S is designed with SMART technology that allows the mill to operate intuitively for a more user-friendly experience. Its SMART software calculates custom milling paths to enhance restoration performance. With an automated tool changer, self-diagnostic reports, alerts for block material usage and tool wear, a guided maintenance wizard, and an easy-to-follow tutorial, the need for a technician is greatly reduced.

Overall functionality of the mill has been restructured to deliver a higher level of efficiency during the milling process. The Planmeca PlanMill 40 S manufactures a more refined, smoother polished appearance due to increased spindle speeds.


  • High speed (maximum: 100,000 rpm)
  • 6-axis dual-spindle for more refined, polished restorations with greater detail 
  • Automated tool changer
  • Expanded milling blocks
  • SMART technology software with custom milling paths, system reports, cleaning wizards and guided cleaning wizards
  • Direct dive force motors – optimal milling performance and durability