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3Shape Trios Scanner

With TRIOS you can choose the software and workflows that suit your practice. Send to lab and get a full range of indications, materials and expertise.

Easily communicate and interact with the lab using 3Shape TRIOS and 3Shape Communicate on your mobile device and web browser. 3Shape TRIOS enables the widest range of treatment options with verified CAD/CAM lab workflows:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Veneers, inlays, onlays
  • Removable partial dentures (exclusive to TRIOS)
  • Temporary crowns and virtual diagnostic wax-ups (exclusive to TRIOS)
  • Post and core (exclusive to TRIOS)
  • Abutments, implant bridges and bars

Additionally, you can offer same-day dentistry with the 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio software. Easily design and mill crowns in the practice, step by step, creating crowns, inlays, bridges and veneers.


  • Fast and easy scanning, ensuring high comfort for patients and reduced chair time
  • Documented high accuracy on single units, quads as well as full arch
  • Create high-quality digital impressions in lifelike colors to evaluate treatment and improve patient dialogue
  • Shade measurement for digital reliability
  • HD photos to enhance details and an integrated intraoral camera
  • Wired/Wireless scanning for complete freedom of movement
  • Easy battery exchange for a non-stop scan experience (Wireless Scanner)
  • Three long-lasting rechargeable batteries included
  • Comprehensive 3Shape TRIOS ecosystem, continuous software upgrades and STL export option with add-on software including 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio, 3Shape Implant Studio, 3Shape Orthodontics
  • One-year standard warranty
  • Express replacement service for TRIOS 3 scanner (wand) repairs within 24-48 hours
  • Optional extended warranty of two additional years

Available Options:

  • Color/Monochrome
  • Wired/Wireless
  • Laptop/Tower PC/Cart/MOVE
  • Pen/Handle Grips