The Value of Time

In a time of technology and availability of everything at our fingertips, time is the only thing that cannot be bought. Dentistry has become an extremely competitive field, and having the advantage of giving patients more time away from the dental office and allowing the doctor to have more time for more patients is instrumental in growth. Both of these issues can be resolved with Digital Integration. We live in a time where the best materials can be provided chairside, more accurately, and efficiently.


Once the patient has been properly diagnosed with the restoration needed, with use of an x-ray and exam, the doctor will administer and anaesthetic (only if needed). The restoration will then be prepped down(remove decay) accordingly depending whether it is a small/large filling, full surface crown, implant restoration, bridge, etc.

Digital Impression

Next step in this process is to take an impression. The old school ways of using a large amount of horrible tasting, suffocating material is gone. With the use of these Digital Impression Systems, it has become easier, more accurate, and quicker. This improves the patient experience tremendously.

To Temp Or Not To Temp

There are two ways to go about this next step, and it all depends on the integration you have in your practice.
If you have just a Digital Impression System, you will then send the file digitally to your lab of choice. Quicker and more efficient. Easier to keep track of cases and more accurate for your labs to review the impression.
Other option is if you have decided to integrate a mill into your practice. In this procedure, you will take your digital impression that you have taken and go through simple steps of designing the restoration. It will include margination and adjusting the proposal the algorithm has proposed for you. You will send this design to the mill and depending on material/type of restoration, you will receive a milled product anywhere from 3-25 minutes later.